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Returns a numerical array that corresponds to the fetched row and moves the internal data pointer ahead.



dbarraynum ( resource $query )

The result resource that is being evaluated. This result comes from a call to dbquery().

Return Values
Returns an numerical array of strings that corresponds to the fetched row, or FALSE if there are no more rows.

dbarraynum() fetches one row of data from the result associated with the specified result identifier.
The row is returned as an array.
Each result column is stored in an array offset, starting at offset 0.


$result = dbquery("SELECT id, email FROM people WHERE id='42'");
if (dbrows($result)) {
 $data = dbarraynum($result);
 echo $data[0]; // 42
 echo $data[1]; // the email value
} else {
 echo "No data in table.";

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