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PHPFusion Development

Developers Manual for PHP-Fusion

Developer's Introduction

PHPFusion is a lightweight, fast and easy to use CMS software. The PHPFusion roadmap is to ensure that the system stays that way. Still, users often requires more additional functionality in PHPFusion to meet their needs. This documentation serves as a guidelines to anyone who wishes to modify, extend and help you to understand PHPFusion better.

Main difference in PHPFusion CMS versions

PHPFusion broadly consists of a core, and extended parts that allows you to deliver more content. Since version 9, PHPFusion has separated its core and the content creation modules. As such user would have the convenience of just using one or two content creation modules. With a lightened load, the core team were able to increase the core features never seen before such as its own ui/ux components and security features. The whole point of using a CMS system is to get the best type of coding tools that make it easy for developers to create and maintain the good web experience for your users. If you would like to use an all-in-one system, you can opt for the lighter PHPFusion 8. If you wish to get everything inch of what PHPFusion has to offer, we suggest you to go for the full featured PHPFusion 9. Please mind that there you will need to change your codes to be compatible between the versions when migrating from one to the other. Some features that are available on PHPFusion 9 would not exist in PHPFusion 8.

Addons Development

  • Addons Development Handbook (Content TBA)
  • Debugging in PHPFusion
  • Data and Input Validation
  • Functions Reference
  • Global Variables