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Features List

PHP-Fusion 9´s features at a glance


Members Management (Suspensions, Bans, Security Bans, Anonymize, Deactivate) Users can log in on different devices simultaneously setting Maintenance mode can be activated Unique Form Tokens MIME file type checks Bad words list Email Bans with wildcards Password Hashing Admin Rights CAPTCHA Securimage Securimage 2 reCAPTCHA Google reCAPTCHA Panel Disabling Admin Area Password User Admin Separated by Rights Flood Control Bad Words Filter Flood Auto Ban Option SHA256 password hashing Individual salt for all users Errors only visible for Administrators XSS filters Defender - Automatic input sanitation Allow PHP Execution


Registrations User Levels User Groups Dynamic User Fields Dynamic User Fields Categories Custom * required user fields Public / Private Profiles Option Super Admin All Access Submissions ( News, Photos, Articles, Links, Downloads ) Edit / Delete Own Comments Edit / Delete own Shouts Admin Options in Profile User Avatar Auto Resize Private Messages Members Management User Migration Tool (Account merger) User Bans IP Bans Email Bans Domain Bans Registration Terms User Management Admin Settings Visitor Counter Toggle On / Off Online Users Panel User Info Panel Email activation Admin activation

Basic Features

Responsiveness Multilingual Capabilities SEO - Search Engine Optimization SEF - Search Engine Friendly URLs Theming - Front and Back-End PHP-Fusion Defender PHP-Fusion Dynamics Model > View Templating Notification email templating User Preferences Multi Site GeoMap Blogs Forums Web Links News System Photo Gallery Articles System FaQ System Contact Form Multilingual API Comments API Ratings API Search API SEO API Shoutbox Site Polls Forum Polls Messaging

Output Handling

Custom head tags for all scripts Custom Output Handlers Output Manipulation Dynamic Page Titles Dynamic Meta tags Custom jQuery handlers


Front-End Theming Back-End Theming Div based Themes Table based Themes Custom content templating

Customization Options

Custom SEO/SEF Modules Custom Multilingual content Custom URL error reports Custom Search Modules Custom User Fields Custom Infusions Custom BBCodes Custom Admin Themes Custom User Themes Custom Smileys Custom Panels Custom Pages Custom Emails

Site settings

Site Protocol Site Host Site Path Site Port Site Keywords Site Description Site Locale Enabled Languages SMTP Host SMTP Port
SMTP Authentication SMTP Username
SMTP Password Site Theme Admin Theme Error Log User Log Default search location Admin Password Reset Drag and Drop panels Edit robots.txt Custom Error Logging Use TinyMCE HTML editor Allow Guests to post Enable comment system Enable avatar comments Enable ratings system Enable visitor counter Display site render time ( Yes, All, Yes, Only Admins, No ) Login method ( Username, Email or Both ) Enabled languages Tables with Multilingual content toggler for each Addon Enabling / Disabling user Theme Changes Include or Exclude a panel from certain pages Include or Exclude a panel from certain Languages Choice of Captchas Enable visitor counter Allow index URLs in BB Codes Allow index URLs in user profiles SEO / SEF Engine (On or Off) SEO Normalize URL´s


Drafts Ratings Visibility Keywords Comments Language Image Position Custom News Images News Submissions Start and end date Categories Sub Categories Category Images

News Options

Required extended news? News items per page Maximum photo size Image on Front-page Image on Read-more News Submissions Submission Image Maximum file size Thumb size Photo size Image link Thumb ratio


Language Privileges Categories Sub Categories Category Images Moderation Features Thread Tracking Usergroup as Moderator Forum Polls Mass Post Delete Mass Thread Delete Post Moving / Merging Seperate Forum Prune Image Resizing Forum Ranks Forum Threads Panels Flood Control Print Post Print Thread Numbered Posts Links to Posts Member IP Visible for Admins Locale buttons Edit / Delete own Posts Locale dependent forum buttons User Group Forum Ranks Multiple attachments Attachment rights Display default avatar image Post Edit Reason Post Auto Merger Go to Top

Forum Options

Recent threads Threads per Page Posts per Page Thread notification Show IP Publicly Enable forum ranks Forum Rank Style Show lastpost avatar Lock Edit Update time on edit Attachments max size Maximum number of attachments Allowed file types Popular thread time threshold Show latest posts below reply form?


Drafts Ratings Visibility Comments Article Submissions Language Categories Sub Categories

Article Options

Article items per page Allow article submissions Require extended articles


Drafts Ratings Visibility Keywords Comments Image Position Language Start and end date Custom Blog Images Categories Sub Categories Category Images Category Tag system

Blog Options

Required extended Blog? Blog items per page Maximum photo size Image on Front-page Image on Read-more Blog Submissions Submission Image Maximum file size Thumb size Photo size Image link Thumb ratio


Language Categories Question Answer

Web Links

Site Name Description Site URL Visibility Categories Sub Categories Language Web Link Submissions

Web Link Options

Web Link items per page Allow Web Link submissions? Require Web Link description?


Album Languages Album ordering Photo ordering GD Compression Photo Mass Uploads Watermarks Descriptions Gallery Keywords Photo Keywords Visibility Photo Comments Photo Ratings Photo Submissions

Gallery Options

Thumbs per page Thumbnail size Photo size Photo max. size Photo max. file size Allow photo submissions? Require photo description? Enable photos watermark? Enable text description on photos? Save generated watermarks? Specify .png image watermark Album title watermark color Album description watermark color Photo title watermark color


Short description Description Keywords URL or File upload Calculate file size toggler Screenshot Categories Sub Categories Category Language Downloads Submissions License option O/S option Version option Homepage option Copyright option Filesize option Comments Ratings

Download Options

Maximum screenshot size: Maximum screenshot thumb size: Maximum size uploads: Maximum screenshot file size (bytes): Enable Downloads Submissions? Required screenshot? Required full description? Enable screenshots? Allowed file types

Time and Date Settings

Short date format Long date format Forum date format News & Articles date format Sub-header date format Server time setting Guests offset Default timezone First day of week

3rd party components

Bootstrap TinyMCE HTTPDownload PHPMailer jQuery jQuery Cookie jQuery UI jQuery Highlight Colorbox


Labels for check boxes Enable disable Comments & Ratings Admin Option PHP Info Default CSS Classes Captcha API


Custom Admin Rights Custom Multilanguage Table Rights Custom Images


Language panel User Info panel Blog archive panel Member poll panel Forum threads panel CSS Navigation panel Latest articles panel Welcome message panel Latest comments panel Latest downloads panel Forum threads list panel Online users panel RSS Feeds panel


License : AGPL Programming Language : PHP 5.x Data Management : MySQL 4.x PDO & MySQL Database layer IPv6 Support XHTML 1.0 Valid UTF-8