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Upgrading from 7.02.07 to 9.0

Upgrading from 7.02.07 to 9.0

Upgrading from 7.02.07 to 9.0

This upgrade procedure are written to work from PHP-Fusion 7.02.07 to PHP-Fusion 9.0. If you do not have your 7 installation upgraded to 7.02.07 you must first follow this upgrade procedure

Once the version have been settled you will need the PHP-Fusion 9.0 pack from our Downloads section

Find and download the latest Language pack for your Language and PHP-Fusion 9 from the Github

If you do not find a pack for your Language, You have two options.

1, Translate and amend the missing parts from PHP-Fusion 9.0 English to your Language before starting the upgrade. 2, Use the latest English locale and change your site´s Language Settings to English before starting the upgrade.

You can download our Translators SDK here if you want to translate to your language.

You can post and ask for more information and help about translating in our Locales Forum

The Upgrade Procedure

This upgrade procedure can be very demanding depending on how much content your have. Please note that all User Fields will not be upgraded. A new set of standard fields will be installed. The same goes for your Site links. A new set of default Site Links will be inserted. Panels have two new positions and new settings. All existing Panels will be updated. Per default all Panels will be activated in all site areas. If you have custom PHP codes in Panels or Custom Pages, you must enable PHP Code Execution. Admin > Settings > Security Settings > Allow PHP Execution. PHP-Fusion 9.0 is in many parts compatible with version 7.02.07, however be ready for issues and re-populate your site with older Addon content slowly. There have been a massive amount of changes to all Core systems, meaning that some Addons Mods, Infusions, Panels and Themes may not work as intended.

The upgrade will be in two steps

You need to follow these instructions precisely.

Step 1

1 · You must first upload all PHP-Fusion 9 files. Replace all files when requested. 2 · Navigate to your site's www.site.com and add /install.php like, www.site.com/install.php

The installer will now start and auto-detect your PHP-Fusion 7 version. Do your base upgrade in English.

Step 2

1 · Approve our License Agreements 2 · Folder Diagnostics, make sure all the listed folders have the correct rights 3 · Database Settings, all should be pre-filled. We recommend PDO as driver if it exists. 4 · Admin and Site Details, complete all the fields and create a new Superadmin account. 5 · Configure Core Systems, Click on the upgrade button for each Infusion you have. 6 · Assuming that you followed the above procedure you can now remove all old PHP-Fusion files except images, infusions folders, config.php and the new .htaccess file.

CHMOD the following folders to 777:

/infusions/blog/images/ /infusions/blog/images/thumbs/ /infusions/blog/blog_cats/ /infusions/downloads/files/ /infusions/downloads/images/ /infusions/downloads/submissions/ /infusions/downloads/submissions/images/ /infusions/forum/attachments/ /infusions/news/images/ /infusions/news/images/thumbs/ /infusions/news/news_cats/ /infusions/gallery/photos/ /infusions/gallery/photos/thumbs/ /infusions/gallery/submissions/ /infusions/gallery/submissions/images/

Your site should now be fully upgraded and ready to run PHP-Fusion 9.

In order to further optimize your site you can enter the System Administration > Infusions and defuse the Infusions that are of no use to you. Please see the readme in the pack for a complete list of files that can be removed.

For further questions, please visit our Upgrading Issues Forum.