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Server Location Move

Today we moved to A2īs Serverhall in Amsterdam due to random connectivity issues and low response times. Some posts that was made 30 min prior to the move might have been lost in cyber space. I apologize if that happened.

With this location move we hope everyone will have a better connectivity experience !


PHP-Fusion 9 RC 4 Available

About 4 months have passed since we released PHP-Fusion 9.0 RC 3.
Our new Main site based on PHP-Fusion 9 are progressing very well, however we are not quite ready yet. Please see the News image.
The main reason to why we postpone the sharp release is because we want to launch PHP-Fusion 9 with the new Main site.
In order to complete the new Main site based on 9 as we want it, we were lacking a tool. This tool are mentioned in the non-official Development plan for 9.x.
We decided to complete this tool for the initial 9 release and utilize it on the new Main site. The tool I am talking about here is a comprehensive site builder tool for your site.
It is simply not that easy to build a customized front page with your personal touch today. You will for example still need to master some basic coding.
The goal is to eliminate that with this tool.

Over 97 Reported issues on Github have been settled since RC 3, as always there have been a ton of adjustments and various additional improvements applied.
But as you can see, the amount of issues are declining for each RC and this is the first one we release with a blank page of issues.
Yes, you read it right, there are virtually no known issues in this writing moment.

We have noticed a larger public on PHP-Fusion 9 platform and that is a good sign, with the RC 4 we hope to increase the user pool for PHP-Fusion 9.

Download PHP-Fusion 9 RC 4 here
Development & Design

PHP-Fusion 9 RC 3 Status Report

Due to popluar demand, here is a status report.

The RC 3 have already had just a little over 80 public issues settled and probably just as many, if not more non public ones simply patched in to the Github.

None of the Issues have been serious.

The RC 3 version have proved to be very stable with only some minor glitches here and there.

A complete list of the publicly patched issues can be found in Fixed issues since RC 3

Thank you for all the reports and testing !

PHP-Fusion 9 RC 3 Available

A little over 2 months have passed since we released PHP-Fusion 9.0 RC 2.
Because of the amount of issues and the fact that we want to prepare a new Main site with 9 as we release it an extra RC was required.

Over 167 Reported issues on Github have been settled, just as many adjustments and various additional fixes have been applied.

The PHP-Fusion Community are still very helpful and we are still getting closer to perfection by the day.
I would like to give a huge Thank You to everyone involved!

Download PHP-Fusion 9 RC 3 here

PHP-Fusion 9 RC 2 Status Report

Development & Design
Quite a few Testers, Developers have stepped up and helped us with error reports, fixes, optimizations and so forth.

This pleases us a lot, we really appreciate it, thank you again everyone that provides with a helping hand, you will not be forgotten!

If you have contributed to 9 and if I have not been mentioned in the readme, please let me know and I will adjust accordingly.

PHP-Fusion 9 RC 2 Available

Almost a month have passed since we released PHP-Fusion 9.0 RC 1.

Over 90 Reported issues on Github have been settled, just as many adjustments and various additional fixes have been applied.

The PHP-Fusion Community have been very helpful and overwhelmingly positive to the Development of this version.
We are getting closer to perfection by the day.

I would like to give a huge Thank You to everyone involved!

Download PHP-Fusion 9 RC 2 here

Welcome to a new Spanish NSS

National Support Network
I welcome a new Spanish site to the ranks of our National Support Sites.
Welcome PHP-Fusion Spain

The former domain expired and it was not able to be saved.
FsDk, Talocha and their team is working hard to get a new Spanish NSS up and running on PHP-Fusion 9.

I Thank you FsDk, Talocha and your Team over at the Spanish NSS for all your hard work so far.

Welcome back Hungarian NSS

National Support Network
_Ephyx over at PHP-Fusion Hungary decided to re-open the site.

Welcome back !

I Thank you _Ephyx and your Team over at the Hungarian NSS for all your dedication !

PHP-Fusion 9 RC 1 Available

The wait have been long, The Development have been longer.
If we made a full change log it would be a complete book to read.
Instead we will give you some reminders of what we promised to deliver and some of the highlights PHP-Fusion 9 offers.

We put the bar high with some really high goals and ambitions in the Development Plan made 10/09/2013.

I am proud over the fact that basically all the major milestones we had set for PHP-Fusion 9 in the Development Plan have been more than fulfilled.

Download PHP-Fusion 9 RC 1 here

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2016

PHP Fusion Network
To all our Administrators, National Support Sites, Co-workers, Users, Supporters and to all our friends, fellow Fusioneers and your families we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Donīt miss our Christmas Gift : PHP-Fusion 9 RC 1 Available

PHP-Fusion 9 GFX Preview

Development & Design
The release of PHP-Fusion 9 RC is just around the corner.
We have stabilized The 9 Core and most of the concerns we have had with a few things is settled.
Basic functionality and some more advanced functionality is currently being fine tuned before we do the release.
Additionally there are some candy in the pipeline for the new Atom engine.
I will let these images speak for us.

PHP-Fusion Coding Standards

Development & Design
We started on a PHP-Fusion Coding Standards section to avoid some confusion now when we are getting close to a stable release of PHP-Fusion 9.

The Standards will eventually be deeply interconnected to our Functions and examples once we have documented Fusion Dynamics, Defender, Geomap etc.
The Standards reflects some old Standards that most people used to follow but never really had documented.
Some of these Standards were mixed with our Infusion Standards and some is simply how Nick always did.
Beyond all that, these Standards is a large mix of how Drupal, WP, Codeigniter & Pear have their Standards.
We selected the ones that reminds us most of how we have done in the past from the mentioned sources.

This is naturally a work in progress, not all files have been updated to reflect these Standards yet.
Most of these Standards will be finalized when everything is documented.

Visit PHP-Fusion Coding Standards for more information.

Prolonged Development

Prolonged Development always have itīs reasons, some are better than others.
Let us share our reasons and our story behind these reasons.

About 1 year ago an entrepreneur contacted us.
This entrepreneur had so much faith in PHP-Fusion 9, realizing that it will most likely be one of the strongest PHP-Fusion versions yet.

Version 9 Development Progress

Development & Design
Our Developer team breached 2,000 commits as of 12 hours ago.
It is our all time high since the launch of PHP-Fusion 9 Beta 1.
Considering that we launched this version about 6 months ago, it is very pleasing to see how well it is taking shape.
In average we are doing no less than 11 commits per day.
In total there are about 833,046 lines of code that has been added and 581,391 lines of codes that have been deleted.

Merry Christmas 2014

Site News
To all our Administrators, National Support Sites, Co-workers, Users, Supporters and to all our friends and their families we wish you all a Merry Christmas!

About PHP-Fusion

PHP-Fusion is an all in one integrated and scalable platform that will fit any purpose when it comes to website productions, whether you are creating community portals or personal sites. Founded as an open source project under the GNU AGPL v3, PHP-Fusion is licensed to be open and free to use. Derivative codes must be shared unless we grant you a license to waive the AGPL agreement. This is what we believe gives the best possible protection for both PHP-Fusion and all the Developers that creates Addons for PHP-Fusion.

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