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PHP-Fusion v7.02.00 Released


BY HobbyMan
April 11 2011 12:12:15

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PHP Fusion v7.02 has been released today!

Many thanks to MarcusG, gh0st2k and everyone else who participated in getting this upgrade stable. This is a major update featuring many new cool additions and upgrades.


  • Better Security

  • Drag and Drop Panels

  • Drag and Drop Site Links

  • Individual Panel Inclusion/Exclusion

  • Administrators Error Log

  • User log

  • Mass Photo Upload

  • New CSS Classes

  • Multiple Forum Attachments

  • Captcha API

  • IPV6 Support

  • and much more!


Download: PHP-Fusion v7.02.00
Locale Changes: Documented in this article
Bug Reporting: Please use Bug Forum
Dev Bug Reporting: Please use the roadmap
Feature List: here

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#46 on Apr 16 2011 at 18:06:04


Based on the comments here, I think I will not install the new version. Why fix what aint broke?

#47 on Apr 16 2011 at 18:48:05


well, I'm kinda worried bigcarrot is right with the path php fusion developers are going with. I'm still using 7.00.07 , cause bunch of mods I'm using don't even work on 7.01 properly and on 7.02 won't work for sure.

Too fast new versions which are not compatible. Prolly good if I would use it for clean install, but since I'm running php fusion for some time now, I just don't see myself migrating so easily to 7.02 ver.

I must say I'm no coder but just a regular user.

#48 on Apr 16 2011 at 18:52:44


v7.01 was released about 8-9 months ago, so I think we aren't too fast. Just open a topic in the forums and we will help you to upgrade your page and your infusions.

#49 on Apr 18 2011 at 15:22:53


I will do that gh0st2k Wink

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