That is not my way. I believe in the Community. I believe that each one of you, taking the time to read this, have a genuine interest for PHP-Fusion and in helping us all to shape a better, richer CMS. That is my hope for PHP-Fusion. That is my wish for the Community. That is my goal as one of your leaders.




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2013? 2013!


BY Homdax
December 31 2012 17:58:48

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#1 on Jan 01 2013 at 13:04:58


I'd follow you anywhere, m8 Smile
Happy New Year!

#2 on Jan 02 2013 at 05:40:43


My New Year Resolution(s) are:
1) Make more time for PHP-Fusion
2) Contribute To Dev.
3) Get Projects completed.

I Understand backlog & "Real Life" ,I Also Understand Open Source Code Projects,My main goal for this new year is to spend as much time as I can to aid in the dev. of releasing a new version of PF.So this day forward I obligate myself to 1+ hour(s) at minimum of DEV. Related Time.1+ Hour(s) is not alot but every hour counts.If we all contribute 1+ hours,then we could contribute combined, a full time job here,and get this software updated and released.

-Just a rant,Backing up Richard & making my personal pledge,together we can achieve this goal!
1.5 hours per day x's 3-5 days a week then multiplied by 20 members ....adds up fast.

#3 on Jan 02 2013 at 08:15:18


You have done well!, after all its a volunteer job for everyone involved.
I do hope to personaly get some good things done for PHP-Fusion this year.

Happy New Year !

#4 on Jan 02 2013 at 10:25:06


I am gonna hold you two to it... Grin

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