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May 25 2013 05:38:14

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As a part of our ever continuing efforts to become more efficient we will close the separate Development site June 1st and keep all of our development, support, and all other related issues on this here site, UK Main.
Its our hope that this will bring some synergy effects along with it at the same time as it will strengthen our Team spirit. We have had internal sites for staff, development etc for many years now and it"s time that we try a totally new concept, to keep all stuff under one roof. In short, we need to strengthen our team spirit and we need to focus our attention better and by keeping it all tight and concentrated in one area, we think we will achieve our goals better and faster. Our present way of development has proven to be slow beyond what can be tolerated and also at times errors have slipped between our fingers like sand.

All of the necessary development tools have been migrated to UK Main, those developers that wish to continue participating to develop this software are welcome to move your codes and other stuff to the main site, as some of you already have done. All ready to go.

We will, since it has been a longstanding wish from many of our developers, use Github as our Code Repository instead of the old SVN. It will be a new experience to some of you, but you"re not developers for the good looks, you"ll get the hang of it!

We also welcome new and old, or should I say experienced, developers back to join us in our biggest undertaking so far, to develop V8. We"ll need all the help and cooperation we can get in this major task.

The present Development site will be closed down no later than June 1st, if you wish to contribute to the development starting today, please sign up for it on UK Main.

Also, when everything has been moved and the old development site is closed and the new one is up and running, we will release a major patch, version 7.02.07 and quite a large patch at that.

We have more news up our sleeves, but this will do for today: June 1st all of the action will take place on UK Main.

We bid you all a very warm welcome to join us in developing the finest software there ever was: PHP-Fusion!

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#1 on May 25 2013 at 06:46:39


That sounds like a discussion/argument I fought for a few years back and lost .... Well glad to see all things closing into one roof .... so long as things don't get lost in the clutter. I hope you guys went through the necessary precautions to make all sides as visible as possible. Good luck my friends!

#2 on May 25 2013 at 11:17:17



#3 on May 25 2013 at 14:36:02


Good news! I believe in you guys, you make a great engine, which we will be proud of!

#4 on May 26 2013 at 00:46:50



#5 on May 26 2013 at 01:48:03


Yeah i know it have been alot of people that wanted this before but the spread of sites and number of hurt feelings was to big at the time.
I am very glad that we finally got it done.
To reduce risk of haveing things lost in clutter or even mixedup Staff and Development forums can be read here :
http://www.php-fu...opment.php (Natrually the Staff and some Dev forums can only be seen by Staff and Dev)
These forum threads will not show up on the ordinary Latest threads activity either.
Roadmap items will be readable to everyone but only Development Team can post in them.

#6 on May 26 2013 at 02:38:59


It's been two years since we had an argument about this subject. Sad that we doing this now, if the big guys weren't so hot headed, we could be 2 years ahead now.

Anyways. grats! Keep on going PHP Fusion!

#7 on May 26 2013 at 10:32:13


How many fusion sites are there for dev?
One main and one at Richards' only right?
Do we have development server site?

#8 on May 26 2013 at 11:40:52



#9 on May 27 2013 at 03:02:17


Falcon: You're right, we've lost time. But we ain't dead yet, I'm happy you find this solution a good one, all you have to do now is to jump onboard and code the big Jesus out of you! Welcome!

hien: This site will be the only official development site, Richards site will close and as for other development sites, they mostly develop Infusions etc and are personal sites. This will be the one and only development site, since this is our main site and we shall gather all of our developers here and our development will be from this site. I hope to see you and your work around here as well!

#10 on May 27 2013 at 07:54:40


split, merge, split, merge... where work?

#11 on May 27 2013 at 11:43:47


Work will be done here now Good
An overwhelming majority belives that this should have been done sooner and that the site circus would come to and end.
An old saying : "better late than never".
So i guess we are late, but now it´s done and we will try to have a good focus from this site.
Over time we will be able to optimize and make it work for most needs.
I am personally very excited in some of the work that are in the pipeline with good progress.
We have Hal´s admin interface, Ankur´s CEO implemented and Hein´s Theme engine to mention a small portion of the ongoing work.

#12 on May 27 2013 at 15:28:21


In compliance with decision. I suggest you remember to move over the Development Plan.

#14 on Jun 06 2013 at 12:42:21


Hello, and when the update is tentatively expected to 7.02.07?

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