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Logo competition 2013 have been completed


BY Falk
September 20 2013 06:21:50

Category Development & Design









Hein - Idea is to add jQ animation to it, Image here dosen´t do the idea justice.





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#1 on Sep 20 2013 at 10:19:40


Filkoff's is clearly the best. I can't think of a reason it's not the winner...

#2 on Sep 20 2013 at 16:58:54


We all have our favourites.
A total of 18 people voted for the results you see.
Let´s not disrespect the winners with un-worthy arguments here.
Please keep it civil in the comments !
I will close the comments here if it get´s out of hand.

#3 on Sep 21 2013 at 00:29:02


You are right pattyland

#4 on Sep 21 2013 at 15:29:07


All is good! Good

#5 on Sep 22 2013 at 00:13:08


Idea of Jikaka's logo is good, but the font is little bit too much banal. Also some things probably could be changed to make a perfect view (i.e. kerning of letters, symbol of 8 and letters themselves) Wink

Other ones that have potential IMHO are Craig's, Leandro's and maybe Aljosa's, and maybe maybe Filkoff's. All of them ofcourse would require some editing.
Those not mentioned are either too heavy, hardly understandable or too away from the original PHP-Fusion logo.

#6 on Sep 23 2013 at 18:54:07


@Domi: This was no disrespect for the winners, but for the people who made a private vote for a community logo.
All the logo's are great though!

#7 on Sep 25 2013 at 09:53:07


Filkoff's is clearly the best. I can't think of a reason it's not the winner...

He might be the best for a design community or for a paper company.
I can write you ten reasons why that logo is not good for fusion and why the winners logo is the better one.
If you have a background in company trademarks or logo design you will understand, but you don't.

It's private because is the right way to do it.
Lets say you have a brand contest, you make the contest, you let all your employees who don't have no idea of what your brand stands for, and what is that brand in your mind, to choose instead of you.
That will be stupid, rethink this and get back with a straight answer.

#8 on Sep 27 2013 at 10:28:06


I am have nice this logo

#9 on Oct 02 2013 at 04:36:05


Haven't been around, but I'm going to voice my opinion on this anyway ... it's what I do. Before I do though congratulations to all of you for superb images whether you won or not.

Now, on to what made me post ... I'm sorry guys but Jikaka's while it does mesh the 8 and the infinity sign ok ... it doesn't look professional in my opinion. I'd say top 5 ... but not the winner.

Sunfighter ... while a great concept ... didn't get the fusion colors right ... went too dark on the orange ...

Craig ... it is sleek ... it is trendy ... it's functional ... I'd almost give this guy 1st place ... it catches the eye and looks professional. However, I'd still only give it 2nd in the end.

Now I battled with this for oh ... 10minutes ... the design is I think great, again sleek, professional, and has that eye candy. However he did get the colors in my opinion off for the wording. The winner in my book would be Sgosa's second image. Again the only change I could think of making to that is adding color back into the php fusion.

#10 on Oct 02 2013 at 07:56:31


@Daywalker, you do not understand in the implementation of corporate identity for the company, as apparently have not dealt with it, unlike you, I have a vast experience that many simply do not know

I'm sorry guys but Jikaka's while it does mesh the 8 and the infinity sign ok ... it doesn't look professional in my opinion.

I'm not a professional, thank you for reminding me
my opinion was, that for an amount that was offered in the form of prizes, we had to hire a special person and ordered him to develop a new logo, it would be a better solution

#11 on Oct 02 2013 at 20:05:12


Let me clarify a few things.
Everyone need to remember that this was a community competition meant to be fun for everyone involved.
We decided to let the staff be the only ones to vote because it made the competition more efficient and easier to handle but it also gives the staff an extra perk to being staff.
With our limited resources it can be hard to reward everyone involved in this project, this is one way we could do it.
As other people also have mentioned, staff would have a better understanding what could and what could not work for PHP-Fusion as a brand.
There was no professional requirements to enter the competition.
I would also like to point at the fact that we did not grant anyone a promise that we would also use the winning logo as it was submitted as the new official one.
However, we are making new logo´s for PHP-Fusion Version 8 and we will use influences we got from the logo competition.
The outcome of this remain to be seen but we do have ideas how to honor the winner with the final revision.

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