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The third anniversary


BY Falk
January 04 2014 06:44:12


Today is the third anniversary of Nick Jones, the founder of PHP-Fusion who passed away so tragically.
We all need to remember what he did for everyone that finds PHP-Fusion useful.
One thing we can do for Nick Jones and his family on this day is to ask ourselves what we can do for his legacy on this day and onwards.
I am very glad to also be able to report that PHP-Fusion is still here and we are growing stronger for each year once more.

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#1 on Jan 04 2014 at 10:56:03


It's hard to believe it's been 3 years since he passed. But, it's great to see his legacy lives on as strong as ever and is in great hands.
Here's to the future Good

#2 on Jan 04 2014 at 15:04:24


My thoughts and Prayers go to Nicks mother, family and friends.

Nick you are missed by many people all over the world, Rest In Peace.


#3 on Jan 04 2014 at 21:25:15


On Behalf of Sue and I, thank you all for your continued support and remembrance of Nick.


Thank you to Jocke for looking after the reins, he works so hard to keep Nick's legacy going, please thank him when you see him!

Emma & Sue

#4 on Jan 04 2014 at 22:02:36


Long live PHP-Fusion!

#5 on Feb 05 2014 at 19:59:45


Time goes by so fast. I've been a member here for 10 years now and I remember when PHP-Fusion was still in test fase. I was a co-founder of the Norwegian PHP-Fusion site and remember I was shocked when I hear about Nick's health condition, and later of his passing.
My thoughts goes out to his family and close friends.

RIP Nick Jones
Your friend from Norway.

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