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Enduser PHP-Fusion Addon License (EPAL)


BY Falk
June 04 2014 14:55:04

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Today we can present and introduce the first Commercial Addons License option for Developers that base their work on PHP-Fusion - Enduser PHP-Fusion Addon License (EPAL)

PHP-Fusion and AGPL

There have never been any questions about the AGPL License for PHP-Fusion.
We want to remain open source with the best possible protection available while we also have had a demand to offer Developers Commercial License alternatives.

AGPL is the best possible protection for both PHP-Fusion and all the Developers that creates Addons for PHP-Fusion.
With EPAL we secure that protection even further for all parties involved.

The difficulties and the obstacles have been many when it come to shaping a Commercial License that will work in conjunction with our current Licenses.

After multiple confirmations from both validated AGPL experts and with the help of answers from The Free Software Foundation (FSF), we feel secure and certain that we have both a viable and a legal solution to Commercial Addons with our EPAL License.

The essence of the EPAL License

EPAL will act as an semi CRL license, thus revoking AGPL while each buyer will have their site EPAL licensed instead.
Everyone who need a CCL or CRL will still need to acquire one of the respective Licenses to remain legally Licensed.
Both CCL and CRL works in conjunction with EPAL Licensed Addons since they both also revoke AGPL.
You can read more about both EPAL and our other License alternatives in the Licenses section.

Obtaining The EPAL License

EPAL can not be purchased or used outside of PHP-Fusion´s Addon Database.
EPAL can only be used by approved Developers in our PHP-Fusion Developers Network (PFDN). You can read more about the PFDN here.

Freelance Developers with CCL can still do business as usual while we want to enlighten you with a few pointers.
You need to keep in mind that all your clients and customers who utilize your Commercial software also require at least a CRL License to revoke AGPL.
Meaning, if your clients do not have a License with AGPL revoked on the same site that hosts your Commercial Addon(s), your Commercial Addon(s) will automatically be AGPL licensed thus viable for public sharing. These facts are one the strongest reasons of why serious Developers were in need for a better alternative, with EPAL all that is automatically avoided.

Please visit The PHP-Fusion Developers Network (PFDN) and Apply if you are interested.
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About PHP-Fusion

PHP-Fusion is an all in one integrated and scalable platform that will fit any purpose when it comes to website productions, whether you are creating community portals or personal sites. Founded as an open source project under the GNU AGPL v3, PHP-Fusion is licensed to be open and free to use. Derivative codes must be shared unless we grant you a license to waive the AGPL agreement. This is what we believe gives the best possible protection for both PHP-Fusion and all the Developers that creates Addons for PHP-Fusion.

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