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BY Falk
June 04 2014 17:18:34

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PHP-Fusion Developers Network - PFDN

We proudly introduce the new Backbone in PHP-Fusions current and future Development, The PHP-Fusion Developers Network (PFDN).

From this day onwards, we celebrate a new age with a complete and dedicated Developer focused environment.

Together, we can accomplish more than ever before while we create the functions we want.

We will be able to work with the people whom we want to work with, All from within a controlled and Official Development network environment.

Features of the PFDN

Create Projects

Host unlimited projects in a central Development environment.

Private and Team Collaboration Workspace

Work among Developers in collaboration or private projects.

Elevate the Quality

With our common knowledge pool.

Developers Priority

Get involved in any open projects and enjoy a front row seat to the end of the ride.

Project Privacy

Codebase protection when projects are private.

Documentation Hub

Access directly to our API´s and SDK´s, we support all of them.

More benefits as a member of the PFDN

Don´t be the last one to know

You will get a firsthand access to our Core assets and the corresponding SDK / APIs, before these are Officially launched or released.

Enduser PHP-Fusion Addon License (EPAL)

You gain access to EPAL

Enabled Commercial Addon Submissions

With EPAL enabled you can Submit Commercial Addons to our AddonDB

Collaborated Development

You can start projects and invite members to help you Develop PHP-Fusion applications in a controlled environment.

Building a Reputation

You can gain reputation points within PFDN that can be beneficial to you, both with future services and potential clients within our Network.

Apply to PHP-Fusion Developers Network - PFDN

If you are interested sign up with the help of our application form and you can start building your professional experience with us.

PHP-Fusion Development Center

The new PHP-Fusion Developer Center acts as an active Component within the PHP-Fusion Developers Network (PFDN).

PHP-Fusion Developer Center provides with a stable environment both for you and your associates to work out all your project needs together.

Being a fully integrated workspace, the Development Center will host a all-in-one solution for every codebase.

The unique design makes The Developer Center work as a repository for each Project created.

The Developer Center are set to provide our Developers with a full top-tiered tool-suite equipped to handle professional services.

Project Overview

All Workspaces starts with a Project Overview.
When someone applies to join a project the request will happen here and an confirmation will be sent from here.
It also shows you everything of within the project and what has been allocated.
If you like you can post a message to all project members.

Project Roadmap with Milestones.

Every project has its own Roadmap. With our renewed Roadmap, you can set milestones for the projects.
Simply add Roadmaps that is important to do and the expected timeline for a completion of the Roadmap.
The Workspace Roadmap enables you to keep tasks as a goal with set milestones and due dates that have task assignments.
You can reward your Developers automatically when a Roadmap is completed.

Project Issues

We are used to have discussions on Roadmap items.
Often the issue in question is not being addressed because of many off topic posts.
All Roadmap items have the ability to create dedicated Rodmap issues.
Have your team to work with the created issue(s) and close the current issue upon completion. With our issues solution you can work smart and with full precision.

Project Time Tracking

Whether you are working alone or with a team, time is always of an essence.
Where a developer would be rewarded with points when accomplishing a Roadmap or an issue, there would be point reductions with late deliveries.
The new workspace allocates a time frame and prioritize tasks intelligently for you.
Green means you're still on time, Blue is telling you to work faster while Red is flagging for a late delivery.
Project time clocks by the hour, likewise with the completion rewards.

Combine and Conquer

Create a project and gain the potential to work with all available Developers of PHP-Fusion.
We are close to a hundred thousand registered members.
They are all invited as spectators with a public read access.
You can Set Auto approval so you do not need to confirm the join request for your projects.
You can also scout for Developers to work with, invite them in and share your project resources among your group members.
The Project Access options gives you total control of the workspace and the ability to delegate assignments and roles to your individual group members.

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#1 on Jun 05 2014 at 07:59:00


This is my vision come true, thanks Domi, to allow it to happen, and efforts to integrate policies rules selections, criteria and accepting the proposal for a new workflow.

With this, we are the first CMS that will be the first to integrate community code base pool. Let's look forward to the league system I am going to propose soon.

#2 on Jun 06 2014 at 20:49:41


If you are glad, I am glad !

#3 on Jun 07 2014 at 03:38:05


One word. Awesome !! Grin Grin

#4 on Jun 07 2014 at 04:12:28


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This is just amazing, it's like Christmas, Birthdays all celebrations rolled into one. It's like seeing your cat give birth to little cute kittens. It's all too much to handle in one day. Domi & Hien Thank You! It is all too good. Smile

#5 on Jun 07 2014 at 07:13:57



#6 on Jun 07 2014 at 08:10:17


The forum will receive another round of update soon, and I'm currently working on it.
Please bear with me for a while.

#7 on Jun 08 2014 at 11:40:47


New site looks good

#8 on Jun 18 2014 at 06:59:24


It's good to see new and exciting things happening...
This is what we have been waiting for.

Kudos to all developers!

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