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Version 9 Development Progress


BY Chan
March 31 2015 18:38:43

Category Development & Design


Our Developer team breached 2,000 commits as of 12 hours ago.
It is our all time high since the launch of PHP-Fusion 9 Beta 1.
Considering that we launched this version about 6 months ago, it is very pleasing to see how well it is taking shape.
In average we are doing no less than 11 commits per day.
In total there are about 833,046 lines of code that has been added and 581,391 lines of codes that have been deleted.

That sums about 1,084,701 lines of codes reviewed since version 7.02.07.

We need to consider that the 2,000 commits is rather large. It adds up to about an average of 542 lines of codes per commit, and everyday someone from the core team has been constantly working and reviewing 5,962 lines.
If we put it around the clock, PHP-Fusion is evolving by 248.41 lines of codes per hour.
This also means that each minute, about 4.1402 lines of codes is inspected 24/7.

Our developers work hard, we certainly did not take this just as a mere hobby.
We do not receive any forms of payment, nor do we have any funding while we are silently funding this community with our time because we all believe PHP-Fusion will be in the major league with Version 9.00.
It breaks our hearts that we keep receiving weekly Copyright Violation reports, individuals that are taking the credit from all of us that work hard with and for PHP-Fusion in one way or another.

Please be a sport, and adhere to our Copyright policy´s, please get a lifetime license for yourself to justify the development of PHP-Fusion.

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#1 on Jul 27 2015 at 18:34:38


Can we get en update on your hard Work?

#2 on Aug 24 2015 at 09:39:51


You actually do get constant updates via the Github interface and our occasional posts made in the Development Forums.
Our ambition is to wrap this one up this month, anything can still happened, The Core is now considered stable by us. The progress on the rest is done on a daily basis.
Please see the related links in the post above.

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