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BY Falk
April 01 2015 06:50:05

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Prolonged Development always have it´s reasons, some are better than others.
Let us share our reasons and our story behind these reasons.

About 1 year ago an entrepreneur contacted us.
This entrepreneur had so much faith in PHP-Fusion 9, realizing that it will most likely be one of the strongest PHP-Fusion versions yet.

We were asked to build a Pizza ordering Panel as a native Core component.
This Order a Pizza Panel had some basic criterias that we were forced to meet.
For one, we needed to have support in just about the whole world or at least in multiple locations all over the world.

We created the basic foundation of the Order a Pizza Panel fairly fast.

In order to manage this we needed a standard, as a consequence we decided to call all places that handles our orders for Pizza Ordering and Delivery Stations (PODS).

Now when the foundation was set, it was time for us to make some arrangements with suitable Pizza Ordering and Delivery Stations to list.
Looking at the raw list of countries to visit we are facing 190+ locations, considering we want fairly populated locations we need to visit about 2896 Cities from these 290+ countries.

Additionally we also have a directive that we need to think about how we are distributed regardless of populations, this is only for the sole purpose of being seen widely.

Naturally we are organised with a smooth, clear plan to settle this list swiftly.
Starting up in the Far North Alert, Nunavut - Canada.
Our experience from there is that for one it was very cold and secondly, the population proved to be insufficient with less than 5 individuals and no PODS to sign up for our list.

Since we are kinda close to Svalbard here and wanted a far North location first, we decided to take a shortcut behind Russia on the Arctic Ocean with our Fusion Jet Skis to Svalbard.
We finally found a settlement and a PODS to sign up, after 6 weeks rehabbing frost wounds.

That was not so bad, just a small detour and some warm blankets once we arrived.

The time had come for us to look for some mid earth locations on the planet, we decided to hit Middle-earth, after all what could be more Mid earth than Middle-Earth.

Our first destination was Morocco, it was not to hard to establish some PODS in the most important regions there.

We travelled further down to Western Sahara, after a few months we could actually locate a nice PODS area when we re-invented the wheel making it dessert friendly to further improve our mobility.
From Western Sahara we entered Mali > Niger > Chad > Sudan > Ethiopia > Somalia, yes our re-invented sand wheel gave us some nice momentum here, the PODS are plotting out all over the area, however we have yet found this place called Middle-earth.
Puzzled by the fact that we are not finding Middle-earth in the region we continue with our Journey to spread PODS to the world, after a short swim to Madagascar we need to start looking at the Eastern parts of our world.
We feel that this region is quite populated with PODS by now, we can be fairly certain that it will self expand after a few successful Pizza deliveries in Sahara.

Since our newly invented dessert wheels was of little use on the Ocean, we decided to jump in and hitch-hike on the Ocean, we managed to get to Australia with this resource saving method.
Australia was easy to colonise with our PODS, alto we are worried about our brand in the northern parts, the green people sun bathing on the beeches seemed quite agitated to strangers.

After a good clean board-surfing session to New Zealand we managed to establish quite a few PODS on the island, picking up the old resource saving Ocean hitch-hiking trick to Columbia.
Once there, we realized that we are quite familiar with the Jungle in Columbia since our Coffee machine accident, we decided to cut thru the Jungle and venture in to Brazil.
With the ground shaking, roaring air with a touch of red rain in the sky, we felt it would be safest to make the journey thru the country at phase.
Some PODS were established and we took a flight to Mexico.

Once settled in Mexico we ran with some people that were covered in white demanding us to pay protective fee´s, it seemed quite odd considering they opposed the only threat to us.
After a while we did reach the border to US and A despite these scary incidents.

We wanted to travel thru the states with as little hassle as possible, What could be better than a nice paddling ride down a river to reach some of the more remote locations?
Someone told us that the Chattooga River would be great for this purpose, once we arrived to the starting point we were welcomed with great banjo music, we instantly got the feeling of a successful journey right there to the sounds of the banjo from the funny looking native.
Our trip down the river was a smooth as the current in the water, we established some PODS along the way alto we found it kinda odd with these scary looking figures running after us on the shores, sounding as if they were pigs.
We used bikes for the rest of the states all the way to Los Angeles, from Los Angeles it was time to do some ocean hitch-hiking again, yes Hawaii are next.

We were lucky that an old Tuna fishing boat with no fishing luck took us to Hawaii in one go.
Sharks are nasty around these parts, We have all seen Jaws.
Once on Hawaii we encountered the shaking ground along with roaring air that had a touch of red rain in the sky, we jumped in to the water and swam for Honolulu.
We did some PODS, pina coladas before we decided to take a swim for Oahu.
Once on Oahu we took a quick peak on Pearl Harbour and instantly glared against Japan and realized that it can be safer to go here.
Again we find our self ocean hitch-hiking.
As we are getting closer to the Japanese shores with the moon light in our backs and the sea under our feet"s we become aware that the Sea literary took us in, we are riding on a big wave here.
Suddenly we also realize that the whole Japanese coast glows in a mysterious green colour and the fishes are swimming upside down.
However, we were lucky, the wave dropped us of in the middle of the country so we could establish quite a few PODS fast here.
After deploying our self made parachutes and some decent winds howling Vongfong in our backs we soon landed in Soth Korea.
When we reached and passed Seoul we did feel a bit watched, however there was no issues in deploying our PODS in this region, everyone seemed to just stare.

Before we knew it, we were in China.
Naturally we wanted to follow the Great Wall of China for our PODS, we followed it and deployed our PODS all the way up to the mountains where we were captured and forcefully fed by a gigantic white ape until we lost track of time and eventually rescued by Nhuck Corris.

As you clearly understand, all of this have taken immense time and effort from us, but we feel that the Pizza Ordering and Delivery Stations (PODS) are really the way to go for us and for v9.
The worldly connections in our network simply needed to be established with as little hassle as possible.

After careful consideration we feel that the mission have been a complete success, we can soon look forward to a full release of PHP-Fusion 9.

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#1 on Apr 01 2015 at 06:58:00


The Pizza Panel is the best stuff we will get, ever, hands down !!! Shock

#2 on Apr 01 2015 at 08:21:49


I keep food far away from my computer... Someone had way to much coffee. Celebrate

#3 on Apr 01 2015 at 09:02:52


Pizza panel? I ask a beer button!

#4 on Apr 01 2015 at 09:02:58


where v9?

#5 on Apr 01 2015 at 09:07:06


We have to postpone v9 since Pizza still out of stock. Indian settings on Pizzas look like they have errors - people reported why all Indian PODs offers varities like vindaloo, dhal and masala yet all of them contain way too much Chillis.

#6 on Apr 01 2015 at 09:27:48



#7 on Apr 02 2015 at 16:30:35


I don't like pizza. My belly is big. I love Php Fusion Grin

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