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BY Falk
September 19 2015 10:06:24

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The release of PHP-Fusion 9 RC is just around the corner.
We have stabilized The 9 Core and most of the concerns we have had with a few things is settled.
Basic functionality and some more advanced functionality is currently being fine tuned before we do the release.
Additionally there are some candy in the pipeline for the new Atom engine.

I will let these images speak for us.

A few highlights

Starcity Ignition Pack for Atom Theme Engine

Stay tuned !

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#16 on Nov 14 2015 at 02:28:25


How much longer? This was posted almost two months ago. I can't wait for v9 to be released! Grin

#17 on Nov 16 2015 at 05:55:28


Stephanie, its been going on for years. Coming soon posts, coming soon, nearing closer to release. Never happens. I have lost faith in this Open Source CMS.

#18 on Nov 16 2015 at 11:57:47


How much longer?

It is hard to tell, but as most know we are in the final phases.
Currently the SEO engine have some issues that need to be sorted before we are ready for an RC.
We do not want to release an RC with known issues. The point, for me with and RC is that it is considered stable from our side.
A larger part of the community will be asked to test and see if they find any issues that might have slipped.

@Trix, I am sure you have some hope left, otherwise you would not be here commenting.
If I had something to wish for, id say that some positive inspiration to us would not hurt at all Wink
We did get a setback for about one year on 8 that is true, the other year have been very productive while not all done for 8 have been in vain, some parts have been moved to 9.

I do understand some of the frustration. But please also understand that we are a very small crew working with this.
What we are doing here are in large parts new tech for PHP-Fusion.

It is a full rewrite of the system to modern standards while we also are trying to set some new standards out there.
Let me list some of the new features,

Back-End Theming, new Engine,The Administration have it´s own Themes now, it is done, working.
Front-End Theming, new Engine, ( Compatible ), it is done working.
Atom - CSS Override engine, you can do individual configuration on menu´s and static CSS classes thru the back-end on any given theme.
Site wide Templating, each Infusion can be templated to a theme, Meaning that all themes also can change individual Fusion layouts.
Responsiveness, Bootstrap enabled system by default ( Optional )
SEO Engine with permalinks and normalize functions, It is done and being tuned.
GeoMap ( Country > State selector) This feature alone sells for 800USD + out there. This is done, it is free and it is included, done and working.
Dynamic user fields ( Tabs, definable sections all by user interface ) It is done, it is working.
Defender, automated checks for your fields with form token support, it is done, it is working.
Dynamics, automated form API, it helps you to customize as a developer in a matter of minutes to build simple applications with database interaction.
Full Multilingual support, instanced format with exclusion, inclusion options, It is done, it is working.
DatabaseFactory, optimized OOP based database handling with PDO, MySQL that supports multiple database connection instances at once. It is done and working.
Blog system included. It is done and working. ( Dynamic category system etc. )

On these major systems we have done a few extra things such as ,

Widgets to Themes (Infusion system to each Theme with more simple features such as Slides etc).
User Migration tool ( you can merge user accounts etc ).
Google re-captcha included ( it requires some fields from Google accounts )
RSS feed´s panel included.
Panel management have a new intuitive interface that makes it easier to understand and handle panels, it also tracks un-used panels.
Two new Panel positions are introduced, Below header and Above Footer.
Modernized bbcodes etc for PHP 5.3+
All old Core Content modules that could work as Infusions have been moved to Infusions with locales and all what it means to it´s own folders.
During the move most of these have been re-coded, settings from the setting page have been included in the respective Infusion under a tab system, the same have been applied for Infusions that use category such as News, Downloads, etc.
Most Infusions have subcategory support now.
Infusions such as the Forum & the Photogallery have been completely re-written while others have been adjusted to work with responsive layouts and the mentioned template system.

I could go on a very long time, but I think this covers some of the major and most important parts, we have not been sitting idle letting the time flow away.
We are active with the development of PHP-Fusion 9 just about 24/7 in shifts since we have different time zones, each and every day something is done.

Have no doubts, we will continue until the system is released.

#19 on Nov 20 2015 at 08:31:23


This all sounds very exciting. I was hoping to upgrade my site at the end of this year, but we'll see how it goes. Whenever it's finished, it's going to be great! Grin

#20 on Nov 20 2015 at 22:27:45


I keep my fingers crossed, we all respect your hard work, but you have to understand us, after you made such a news with all those picture, we are so exited that we cant waint no longer. But you know what? We will wait, we will wait. Keep my fingers crossed 24/7 for PHP 9 GoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGood

#21 on Dec 15 2015 at 12:07:05


Hoping for a christmas gift with the release Smile

#22 on Dec 17 2015 at 05:46:37


I agree that I would like this come out for Christmas. If the upgrade doesn't come out by mid-February, I will seriously have to consider switching to another CMS, which is really sad because I've been loyal to PHP-Fusion since 2004. Sad

#23 on Dec 17 2015 at 11:41:43


I can let you know that it is our ambition, I really hope we can make it. The upgrade scripts are being tuned as we speak and the readme is just about done.

edit : Oh well I added the whole thing for people who is intressed here :

Look at the upgrade instructions, it is quite comprehensive.

#24 on Dec 18 2015 at 10:28:16


Looking good! Smile

#25 on Dec 21 2015 at 10:04:02


Nice, thinking the same Stephanie, been here for a long time and considering. But I will hold my horses a bit more Smile

#26 on Dec 23 2015 at 06:42:17


You all the respect and appreciation for your efforts
We are waiting for you with pride

#27 on May 21 2017 at 08:40:57


I agree that

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