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PHP-Fusion 9 RC 3 Status Report

1 year ago

Due to popluar demand, here is a status report. The RC 3 have already had just a little over 80 public issues settled and probably just as many,...

PHP-Fusion 9 RC 2 Status Report

2 years ago

Quite a few Testers, Developers have stepped up and helped us with error reports, fixes, optimizations and so forth. This pleases us a lot, we r...

PHP-Fusion 9 GFX Preview

2 years ago

The release of PHP-Fusion 9 RC is just around the corner. We have stabilized The 9 Core and most of the concerns we have had with a few things is ...

PHP-Fusion Coding Standards

3 years ago

We started on a PHP-Fusion Coding Standards section to avoid some confusion now when we are getting close to a stable release of PHP-Fusion 9. T...

Version 9 Development Progress

3 years ago

Our Developer team breached 2,000 commits as of 12 hours ago. It is our all time high since the launch of PHP-Fusion 9 Beta 1. Considering that ...

Tesseract, Progress Report

4 years ago

The Development on Tesseract have been stable for about 11 months. We are getting close to a Release Candidate. It is still to early to mention...

Development for Tesseract

4 years ago

These are some improvements we wish to make for PHP-Fusion. Note that this by no means include all improvements we\'re implementing in PHP-Fusion.

Logo competition 2013 have been completed

4 years ago

Congratulations on 1st place Jikaka Congratulations on 2nd place Sunfighter Congratulations on 3d place Craig View the thread here Thank you ...

Logo competition [ Update x2 ]

4 years ago

We have due to popular demand decided to have a PHP-Fusion V8 logo competition. We hope that this also compensates everyone that looked forward to...

We will have a Theme Competition!

5 years ago

Greetings! We are preparing the Infrastructure on the 8 site for Themes Submissions and Themes Guidelines, but, before we start accepting submis...

Dev site down

5 years ago

The 8 Development site is currently down. This has been verified by host. Status messages on Host website indicates that they are having some ge...

Status report 02 on 8

5 years ago

Greetings! I am confident. Thanks to the wonderful efforts of PMM and his Team of Developers, Craig and his Infusion Coders, JoiNNN\'s Teams wor...

Recruitment Campaign

5 years ago

Greetings! In a final run towards PHP-Fusion 8 we would like inform you that you can join us anytime. YOU DO KNOW THIS, RIGHT!? We still n...

Infusions to be distributed with core - decided

5 years ago

As we promised, the vote we have on the 8 site concludes today and \"Forums\" have been given an overwhelming 40% of the votes. Hence we deem th...

Infusions to be distributed with core

5 years ago

Official developers and MT representatives have picked 7 infusions to be distributed with core. As promised, we have created a poll on this site - ...

Status Report 01 on v8

5 years ago

Patience is a virtue. Yet sometimes the wait is longer than perhaps expected. Since the 8 site came alive it seems more has been going on behind ...

PHP-Fusion v7.02.05

6 years ago

I am pleased to announce the availability of PHP-Fusion v7.02.05. Update: PHP-Fusion v7.02.05 Update Full package: PHP-Fusion v7.02.05 Local...

New versions are under way

6 years ago

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of v7.02.05. In these days, we are applying the finishing touches to this version in the form of...

2012 - The Year of V8

6 years ago

If you have any ideas or interest in helping us get V8 off the ground, then head over to Next and post your thoughts & ideas.

New timeline for PHP Fusion v7.02 [Update]

7 years ago

I am very sorry to announce that we had to change the timeline for 7.02 development. The reason is, that we are short on developers and the fact, ...

PHP-Fusion Questionnaire 2011

7 years ago

We\'ve just launched the PHP-Fusion Questionnaire 2011. We encourage all members to take the time to fill it in. The data gathered will go a long w...

Development Conference

7 years ago

Dear PHP-Fusion users, Recently there has been a lot of changes, not only the parts you can see, like our new theme and merged site, but there hav...

CVS Browser Released

12 years ago

The CVS Browser infusion has been released. I\'ve been inundated with requests since I unveiled it last month. You can get the CVS Browser from the...