Thread subject: Official Home of PHP-Fusion :: Premium Memberships Add-On Request - WILL PAY

Posted by SkeeredOfMyMind on 05-09-2019 08:30

After all the releases of PHP-Fusion, we still do NOT have a Premium Memberships Add-On and this has been asked for so many times for each and every version. I am looking for a developer that can code a Premium Memberships Add-On for PHP-Fusion. If anyone can do this and is willing to do this, I will pay to have this done. I am in desperate need of this feature ASAP. I need it for several PHP-Fusion websites I am building. Is anyone interested?

Posted by tocrah on 05-09-2019 16:50

What is that exactly. Describe it.

Posted by Chan on 06-09-2019 01:17

The main problem here is the payment provider. You got any? Premium membership is doing these: 1. Create a custom group. 2. Have members pay to be a part of the custom group. 3. An extra field on DB_USERS that marks the user membership expiry date. 4. Page for accept payments. This is the hard part since I need to create a module to accept the payments that can be read for provisioning. 5. An admin page where you can add/remove/edit premium membership status. 6. An Invoice page where your members can find their bill and receipts. 7. A cron that automated renewal by sending email to your users that membership is about to expire. 8. A settings page where you can tweak pricing for your membership page. 9. A front end pricing page and CMS content. All of these will be bundled into an infusion package for you. It will take up to 2-4 weeks of work time. Include a PHP-Fusion CRL license under your name for just one site. I will retain full authorship and rights of the work. License granted to your use under EPAL. The infusion can be used in multiple sites without problem and non shareable. Full quote: 500 USD for all above. All proceeds to PHP-Fusion Fund.

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